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Wh....what happened? How long was I out?

A trick!? Kinmoku Star Power, Make-Up!...





Why do I keep seeing these strange birds on walls and banners? Is there a holiday coming up?


[Kakyuu is...staring at a wall, expressionless. Her cat is in her lap, sleeping, and he's grown quite a bit since he's last been on the second level. Kakyuu, however, isn't petting him or even moving in her chair.]



[Accidental second level on the night of the mask, just changing into her masquerade dress. Never let it be said that Kakyuu does not know how to dress for a themed party.



What in the world was I....?


A masquerade? Victorian? I...

I should probably ask someone.



....I just saw someone spontaneously combust.

What in the world...it can't be....can it?


Didn't Buffy mention a demon?...I should go look for it.


[have a very worried Kakyuu on the second level, trying to get the attention of a cashier inside a hardware store. The cashier isn't paying any attention to her, and her worry is increasing the longer this goes on - and the more cashiers who ignore her presence in line, despite having been waiting for several hours to pay]

Wh-what's going on? Why aren't these people...?

Did someone attack Template again!?


[well, have a Kakyuu, and kitty Star Anise on her shoulder, standing in front of a small, run-down brownstone somewhere in Chinatown. She brightens up considerably as she looks down at the house deed - especially since the owner, an old man, seemed willing to let out the brownstone to her for chump change after sampling some of her tea on the second level. Apparently it brightened up his day and incidentally, Kakyuu reminded him of his dead wife, who originally ran the store and diner that once graced the brownstone, but that's just some off-hand history, of course so he offered it right up to her.]

Oh, this is absolutely perfect! I need to figure out everything I'm going to do with this place....I have so much to get done.....

[clasps her hands together happily. She would have loved to see the faces of her Starlights were they to learn she was actually working and getting her own house and making friends - without using her status as a princess or senshi. It certainly made her exceedingly glad as she hopped up the steps of the brownstone to explore~]